Bank Accounts

At Loyal Bank, you can open a personal account or a corporate account, and both types of accounts can be held in USD or EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD. The main currencies of the Bank are US Dollars and Euros.

You can choose:

  • Current accounts in a company or personal name in USD or in EUR with bank card and full secure internet access. Cards can be either a Mastercard Contactless debit card or a Mastercard Platinum card, however for this card a minimum monthly balance of USD/EUR 5,000 is required.
  • Current account(s) in GBP, CHF or CAD without a card but with secure internet access.

See Current Account conditions

You can access your account online at any time through our secure internet Bank, NetBank. You simply log in to NetBank with your Internet Access Code (IAC), provided when you open your account, OR by using the LB DIGIPASS Application.

Your IAC enables you to:

  • Activate your bank card
  • Create and change your bank card PIN code
  • Check your current account balance
  • Check your history of transactions categorized by time or amount;

With the LB DIGIPASS Application you can do the all of the above but also you can:

  • Set up and send both internal and external bank transfers from your accounts
  • Carry out exchange transactions between currencies in which you have current accounts.

You can withdraw cash using your USD or EUR bankcard at any ATM cash machine around the world which displays the Mastercard logo. There are over one million of these. You can use your card to pay for products and services at shops and restaurants etc. where the Mastercard logo is displayed.

When opening an account please remember the Bank does not accept cash or cheques for deposit into your account in any circumstances.  Your account funding must be transferred electronically to Loyal Bank by SWIFT from another bank or through a PSP (Payment Service Provider) transfer. Please request details of how to do this from our Customer Service Team.