Loyal Bank is an international bank offering tailor-made solutions to manage your finances and assets globally. With a product portfolio continuously updated with the latest technological advances, you are able to pick and choose whatever you need.

Our Head Office is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and we have a European representative office in Budapest, Hungary. Our Customer Services Team is available by Skype, Phone or Email in nine languages, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or make an appointment to come and meet us in St. Vincent or in Budapest: if needed we can assist you with hotel reservations, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you in person.

What is International Banking?

International Banking simply means you have a bank account in a location outside the country where you live, such as with Loyal Bank in St. Vincent, and that account can be accessed by you from wherever you are in the world.

Why bank internationally?

Many people or companies have a bank account in their home country to manage day-to-day personal or business financial commitments, for routine cash or cheque transactions etc., but often find they need a more specialised account in another country to cover different sorts of transactions, payments or expenses, such as investments or international transfers . Not every bank can offer local and international services but Loyal Bank was designed from the very start to be an international bank: we provide a link between all your banking arrangements giving you easy, international access to your finances whenever you need it and a central home for your money.

International Banking with Loyal Bank Limited

Wherever you live, banking internationally gives you the opportunity to grow and protect your assets in an economically stable and central location. This means that you can keep your money in one place while you move around the world. Loyal Bank understands your needs and works to make it easier for you to manage your finances in multiple currencies in different countries.

What are the main benefits of banking internationally with Loyal Bank?

Convenience – Stay with the same bank, no matter how many times you travel or move country. Loyal Bank Limited is available 24/7 and in nine languages.

Choice – A wide selection of multicurrency accounts and investments to help you grow your wealth.

Expatriate Expertise – We have specialists, many of whom are expatriates themselves, who can help you manage your wealth, assets and provide investment options.

Tax Obligations – Whilst banking internationally has potential tax benefits for you, tax rules differ from country to country. In St. Vincent any earnings you make on your account with us are not taxable under local laws nor do they have to be reported locally but this does not mean you will not have a possible tax liability in your own country.

Please ensure that you always seek prior advice from a skilled tax professional in your usual country of residence before opening any account or making any investment with us as it is important for you to be certain of your personal or company tax obligations. For these reasons we strongly advise that you seek professional advice from a qualified person in your country such as a lawyer or tax advisor as Loyal Bank’s clients have a responsibility to meet any tax obligations they may have with regard to the tax authorities where they live or reside.