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24/7 Customer Service Contacts

Tel: +36 1 383 0853 or +1 234 738 1990


Skype: loyalbankcustomerservice

Please note that our Customer Service Centre only offers Mastercard emergency card services (bankcard stoppage and replacement exclusively) between 22:00 and 07:00 CET on weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Skype is available only for voice calls to our Customer Services Team. Instant messaging and video calls are not available.

Use of Skype by our Bank

Loyal Bank never contacts its clients via Skype messaging or chat or through any other similar public chat rooms. Any contact received which promises financial advantage or attempts to conclude a transaction or issue instructions on behalf of Loyal Bank Limited via such channels is not from us but is a fraud attempt by a third party. Please do not follow any instructions given in messages of this type and do not respond to the message but instead please report the matter to us.

The only Skype username used by Loyal Bank’s Customer Service is loyalbankcustomerservice. The Bank will not take any responsibility for any losses which may occur as a result of any exchange of information, cooperation of any other type of collaboration with spoofed or fraudulent Skype addresses or any Skype address not used by us, or email addresses given in Skype messages that were not sent by us.

To use Skype services kindly use the latest client version of Skype available here: Skype (Latest Version download)

For instructions about languages and topics selection when calling us please click here!

When you call our Helpdesk, please select the preferred language for communication as follows:

  1. For English press 1
  2. For Russian press 2
  3. For French press 3
  4. For Japanese press 4
  5. For Spanish press 5
  6. For Portuguese press 6
  7. For Italian press 7
  8. For Polish press 8

For other languages press 9 and select from the following options:

  1. For German press 1
  2. For Croatian press 2
  3. For Romanian press 3
  4. For Serbian press 4

If the language is selected, your 8-digit Customer ID will be requested for your identification.
If you are identified by our system, please select from the following topics:

  1. For Account opening / Account management press 1
  2. For Bankcard related issues press 2
  3. For incoming and outgoing transfers press 3
  4. For NetBank inquiries press 4
  5. For Corporate Payment System press 5
  6. For Other inquiries press 6

Once the topic is selected, our Helpdesk Operator will be connected.