Loyal Explorer Fund

Personal or Corporate Wealth Management with Loyal Explorer Fund

LOYAL Explorer Fund is an optimal wealth management service for Loyal Bank Clients searching for high single digit returns on their mid and long-term financial assets (3–5 years), with moderate risk.

LOYAL Explorer Fund consists of a series of mutual funds with access to the most promising and best institutional offers from large and respected investment houses and smaller rising-star asset management firms.

LOYAL Explorer Fund is a unique wealth management service combining global diversification, reliable partner institutions, longevity and the support of our Customer Services team - 24/7 live access to operators speaking 9 (nine) languages.

Benefits from investing into Loyal Explorer Fund

  • Easy access to the best institutional investment offers globally
  • High potential but still a medium risk investment
  • Highly regulated structure
  • Multilingual client support in 9 (nine) languages
  • Strong track record of the underlying investments

You can find general information on Loyal Explorer Fund on this web site. If you have questions and would like to receive the Prospectus of the Fund, contact us at 

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