LoyexFX – Foreign Exchange Trading

LOYEX is a division of Loyal Bank that provides to experienced personal and institutional traders an internet portal for secure online foreign exchange trading. Our portal is available Monday to Friday between 23:02 – 22:57:59 CEST with support services in eight major languages.

LOYEX provides access to an enormous range of financial products including more than 70 currency pairs and other FX products. Using a major liquidity provider we can offer a fast and secure execution of all transactions.

LOYEX is designed for experienced or professional foreign exchange traders only who understand that trading FX can bring risks of trades as well as rewards. For that reason we do not provide any  training in FX  trading, suggest or promote trading strategies or give trading advice nor do we provide any form of credit or financing for such trading: any trade executed via LOYEX by any trader is made with their own funds, at their own risk and on their own responsibility. Loyal Bank is not the trading counterparty for any LOYEX FX trade and traders should be aware that the price of financial products can rise as well as fall.

LOYEX FX trading services and the LOYEX trading  platform are only available to clients of Loyal Bank who have already completed our Due Diligence procedures, and hold an open, approved and funded account with us.

The Foreign Exchange rates shown on this website and this page are given for general information only and whilst updated daily, are not live trading rates available to any trader through the LOYEX platform, nor are they any form of invitation to conduct trading with Loyal Bank Limited.

LOYEX FX trading clients may be requested by the bank from to time, and if the bank considers it prudent given the nature of the trades placed by a client or the volatility and mood of the market, to place a margin with the bank against their trades.

Your benefits from trading FX through LOYEX

  • Customisable risk management tools
  • Excellent liquidity and streaming real time prices
  • Mini lot trading is available at all times
  • More than 500 auto trading strategies available
  • Multicurrency account denomination
  • Multilingual client support in eight major languages
  • Personalised fees and conditions
  • Powerful and user-friendly trading software
  • Trade directly from real-time forex charts embedded in the trading platform

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Important Legal Disclaimer

Margined Foreign Exchange, Futures, CFDs and Spread Betting trading carries a high level of risk to your invested capital and is subject to rapid and unexpected market price movements.

A key risk of leveraged trading is that if a position moves against you, the trading customer, you can incur additional liabilities far in excess of your initial margin deposit. For this reason you should only speculate with money you can afford to lose and if you are in any doubt whether this type of trading is suitable for you, you should seek independent expert advice.

If you decide to trade all your trading decisions, and the outcomes of them, are yours alone and neither Loyal Bank nor LOYEX or their staff will offer you any trading advice, suggestions or encouragement to take any particular position or to follow any particular strategy.

Your trading profits are not guaranteed and neither Loyal Bank nor LOYEX assures or warrants to you that you will make any particular return.

By deciding to trade, you accept all the risks outlined in this statement and that you alone are responsible for the outcomes of your trades.