Precious Metal Purchase

Owning Precious metals, especially gold and silver are the ultimate roots of wealth and used since time immemorial.

Loyal Bank's LOYAL GOLD offers you a means of diversifying your investments by purchasing and safely storing physical GOLD and SILVER in an established and regulated storage facility, in VIAMAT in Switzerland (a safe and secure tax-free country). Investors have full ownership of the GOLD or SILVER acquired with us.

By being a precious metal owner you can protect your wealth against inflation, against instability in paper or fiat currencies. Your precious metals can be stored safely and fully insured in a licensed depository. What is more, you can even enjoy our buy-back guarantee and can take advantage of full accessibility to the precious metal even in case of a financial crisis.

Eight good reasons to invest in precious metals with us:

  • Liquidity
  • Online accessibility
  • Buy-back guarantee
  • Core element of strategic portfolios
  • Protection against inflation and crises
  • High-security storage in the heart of Switzerland
  • Prompt delivery
  • Wide range of financial services

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