International Payroll Service (IPS) 

Loyal Bank’s new International Payroll Service (IPS) is the perfect solution for large companies with global payrolls or commissions to distribute, and who need to pay constantly moving staff regularly. IPS enables employers to offer employees prepaid cards, a cost-effective, secure alternative to cash and cheques. IPS offers employers distinct advantages, including low cost, speed, the ability to issue debit cards instantly and the option of added security by personalisation with the IPS Program name only.

The IPS Program Card is a significantly easier way to manage payroll, particularly for industries where there is a high employee turnover or employees are transient workers or receive irregular (or small) payments or sales commissions. Employees often choose a Payroll Card because they do not have a bank account for direct deposits. An existing banking relationship is not required for an employee to receive a payroll card.

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