Savings products

Loyal Bank offers customers attractive savings options in a number of different products. In this day and age, we know clients are looking for better interest rates for their investments. Choose from one of Loyal Bank’s unique saving offers below:

Term Deposit - Make your money work all the time

Setting up a Term Deposit with us is easy. We offer Standard Term Deposits and Term Deposits combined with an investment fund.

You simply contact us by registering your interest for this in NetBank and then decide how much you would like to deposit and for how long. You can boost your earnings by choosing longer term deposits with interest rates up to 3% per annum.

In addition to this, you can maximize your deposits and earn additional premium interest up to 1% above our standard interest rates on your new funds. (Special offers are available until 31st December 2017.)

To learn more please call us on + 36 1 383 0853 or contact us at .

You will find in-depth details below.

Standard Term Deposits


Term Deposits combined with Investment Funds