TD-INV (Term Deposits Combined with Investment Funds)

TD-INV is a mixture of a term deposit and an investment fund provided by Loyal Bank. This is the ideal alternative if you need part of your funds to hand and the rest working hard for you! Contact our Customer Services Team to learn more about how TD-INV could work for you.

Place half of your savings in a Term Deposit for either 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months, which pays you a high interest. With your remaining funds we purchase shares for you in investment funds, which are expected to provide an outstanding return (predicted 9 – 12% per annum in the medium term).

Our investment fund offers dynamic growth with considerable upside potential and measurable downside protection.

Call us for detailed offers and conditions on +36 1 383 0853 or contact Customer Service: .

To find out more:

  • The minimum amount to be deposited/invested:
    USD/EUR/GBP 100,000 if this is the first time you have invested 
    USD/EUR/GBP 40,000 if this is a subsequent investment.
  • 50% of the funds will be invested in investment funds.
  • Available currencies are USD, EUR and GBP.
  • Terms of the Term Deposit can be 6 or 12 months.
  • Conditions are valid only for a single term.

In order to apply for this product your savings need to be divided into two equal parts.

The first part will be placed in a single term deposit for a 6 or 12 month-long period (depending on your choice) that pays high interest compared to the standard conditions at the end of the period. The interest is tiered and depends on the value of the whole savings amount. The deposited amount together with the earned interest will be credited to the current account at the end of the term.

The second part will be invested into shares of investment funds. This is a dynamic “Fund of Funds” mutual fund investment with considerable upside potential and measurable downside protection. It contains a limited amount of growth oriented underlying funds which are still in the expansion phase.

How to apply for Combined Savings with Loyal Bank:

For existing personal or corporate clients of Loyal Bank: Standard Term Deposits can be placed via NetBank – you simply follow the simple on-screen instructions in NetBank, under the Term Deposit section in the menu. However, for TD-INV, please contact Customer Services directly.

For non-clients of Loyal Bank: You will need to open a current bank account with Loyal Bank first and of course to complete are due diligence procedures. Please click here for account opening information. After opening a current account with Loyal Bank we can place your Standard Term Deposit. Please contact Customer Services to learn more.